Our Custom Design and Restyling Process

Whether it’s a note-worthy engagement ring, a meaningful anniversary gift or a restyled heirloom, Pamela can create the perfect design to celebrate your special milestone. She welcomes the opportunity to integrate your own gemstones into a one of a kind treasure, personalized just for you.

The collaboration begins with a meeting to discuss your vision for your one-of-a-kind creation.  Pamela proceeds to translate your wishes into jewellery concepts, taking into consideration your singular taste, lifestyle and personality.

The proposed designs are then presented in the form of sketches and/or wax carvings - selecting the rendering method that best conveys the design elements that are most important to you.  

Once a design concept is accepted, it is further refined until the final version is approved.  This phase is often iterative as precious metals and gemstones are being selected.

Pamela places utmost attention to every step of the custom design process to ensure your new jewellery looks and fits as perfectly as you envisioned it.  She holds frequent meetings to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Happy clients are our best reward. Their grateful feedback is a cherished treasure.

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Diamonds and Gemstones

As a certified gemologist, Pamela personally selects all gemstones incorporated into her designs. She loves to source unique diamonds and gems for custom creations. All diamonds she sources are conflict-free.

One of the most informative parts of this process is the private gem viewing she coordinates for you to select your own diamonds and precious gemstones. Equipped with the necessary gemological equipment, Pamela coaches you to identify and appreciate key characteristics of each gem considered for your project. 

You are the final judge when it comes to selecting your gems.

Precious Metals

Your custom-created design can be crafted in platinum, gold and sterling silver. We currently use over a dozen 14K and 18K gold alloys yielding colours that range from deep yellows to bright whites, lime greens to warm ochres and rose.

Our selection of precious metal alloys is always growing. We would be happy to show you all the options in person so you can select the metal(s) that best complements your style and gemstones.

Appraisal Certificates

Every engagement ring is accompanied by a jewellery appraisal certificate conducted by a third-party gemologist. This document is requested by insurance companies.

A diamond grading report is enclosed with each diamond weighing over 0.5 carats to provide you with a written record of its identifying characteristics. This report is prepared by a reputable gemological laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or HRD Antwerp.

Complimentary appraisal certificates can also be provided for most gold and platinum jewellery upon request.

Re-inventing and Restyling Existing Jewellery

We love jewellery and feel that it should always be worn. Pamela would be delighted to breathe new life into your existing jewellery so you can enjoy it again. Your own gemstones can be incorporated into your new design provided they are in good condition to sustain re-setting.

If you have gold that you wish to part with, we would be happy to sell it on your behalf and put 100% of the proceeds towards the price of your custom-designed commission. We do not retain any fees for selling your gold - you keep its full market value in the form of newly-designed jewellery.

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Please contact us so we can answer all your questions and begin designing jewellery that is most meaningful to you!